Waterproof Phone Case: UNIVERSAL Cellphone Dry Bag

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  • ✅ TESTED TRIPLE SEAL PROTECTION ✅ Take your phone underwater, in the shower, or out in the rain knowing that it will stay dry even in the worst conditions. For MAXIMUM PROTECTION, our pouch is designed with an air tight TRIPLE lock design. After testing several other waterproof cases on Amazon, we discovered that most of the pouches worked well at first, but after a few uses the hard plastic seal became worn and would start to let water in. We corrected this by changing out the hard plastic seal
  • ✅ BRING IT EVERYWHERE ✅ The flexible plastic that makes up the inner case of the pouch can be folded and bent without cracking the waterproof seal. You can easily store the case in your pocket when you aren't using it. This makes the air tight pouch a great choice for Swimming, Kayaking, Surfing, Fishing, Camping, Running, Hiking, Biking, Boating or even White Water Rafting! Keep your phone completely dry and also have access to the camera to take stunning photos on your outdoor adventure!
  • ✅ ADJUSTABLE NECK STRAP ✅ Most cases have uncomfortable nylon straps that make it difficult to keep around your neck for an extended amount of time. Our underwater phone pouch comes with a gentle and subtle stretchy band design with comfort in mind. It doesn't mark the skin when pulled, but yet it's strong and versatile, ensuring you will never lose your smartphone. Our strap is completely adjustable allowing you to use it on your wrist or tie to a safe place on your bathing suit, tube or boat!

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  • Do you have to do a water test before you use it ?

    Our water pouches have been tested already but feel free to test it on your own for your own confidence.