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USB C Type Hub

Instant Expansion

Turn a single USB C Port on your laptop or Smartphone into a highway of ultra fast data ports. Using brand-new data transfer technology, our USB C Hub provides lightning quick transfer speed through its four different ports: 1 x USB 3.1 - 1 x SD - 1 x Micro-SD and 1 x Micro-USB Port. Supports transfer speeds of up to 10 Gbps! At these speeds, moving large files like movies, programs, games or even syncing your whole iTunes library only takes seconds!

Sleek Compact Travel Design

Its easy to take our HUB wherever you go. Many other USB hubs are bulky and can cause damage to ports on your computer because of their large size and heavy weight. Our hub has solved the problem: it is extremely compact - only 1.25 inches wide and 1.75 inches long - so it doesn't stick out awkwardly from your computer. Weighing only 24 grams, the HUB doesn't put any unnecessary weight on your computer or Smartphone's ports.

Easy To Use

Does not require any complicated software installation. Just simply plug it in to your PC or MAC's USB-C port and your ready to plug in the rest of your devices. Have a Smartphone or Tablet? If your device has a USB C port for charging and syncing, just plug our HUB in and you will be able to access the data coming through all 4 female ports! Watch a movie from your USB flash drive or even upload images onto your phone from your camera's SD Card, the possibilities are endless.

Heat Resistant Aluminum Alloy

Here at E Tronic Edge we believe in not only exceptional performing products, but in product safety as well. Our cutting-edge HUB is designed to help heat dissipate faster - using a state of the art aluminum alloy and cooling technology - allowing your devices work at safer and cooler temperatures. The HUB comes in a beautiful brushed metal finish in a space gray color and easily clips on to the side of your laptop or bottom of the phone.


Our USB-C Hub is guaranteed to be compatible with all new products containing a USB C Port for charging and or data transfer. Tired of wondering what your getting? Our great Seller Rating and Product Rating should help you understand why shoppers prefer purchasing from a trusted customer focused North American Company. Our mission is to provide top tier customer experience along with products that stand the test of time. Contact us with questions. MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.

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