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Designed for a multitude of purposes, our certified N99 dust mask will help protect your lungs from substances like pollution, carbon, construction dust, paint, particulate, insulation just plain cold air. Fitted with exchangeable activated carbon filters, our mask will filter out 99% of all harmful particles in the air that your eye cannot see. Made with comfort in mind, our mask consists of BREATHABLE SOFT COTTON FABRIC and lightweight elastic straps to FIT ALL HEADS.

Face Mask Filters


Charcoal Filters have been used in the mechanical and health industry for almost a century. It is a powerful substance that eliminates harmful air particles using an advanced process called chemical absorption. With our filters, we've harnessed the absorbing power of activated carbon to help defend your respiratory system. When you breathe through the mask, the particles stick to the carbon and stay in the filter, preventing them from entering your lungs.


Unlike many of the other carbon filter masks on the market, we've designed our filters to trap harmful particles exponentially longer. This means more savings and having the peace of mind knowing your mask is always working. The filter is extremely easy to replace. (1.) Just simply take the mask off. (2.) Pull the filter out of the fabric pocket. (3.) Then take the new filter and slide it in the opening. We made it quick and easy to change the filter, so you can change on the fly.

Etronic Dust Mask Allergy


If there was one feature we made sure our mask excels in, it would be comfortability. No one likes an itchy and uncomfortable mask that you get soo fed up with and end up just taking off. We want you to thoroughly enjoy our mask, which is why we made it with soft, but yet BREATHABLE fabric. Even the adjustable elastic straps that go around your ears and the flexible band around your nose were designed with your comfort in mind. Say goodbye to red lines and soreness forever!


The E-Tronic mask is focused on not only keeping harmful air out but being able to breathe comfortably at all times. This is extremely important when wearing these masks. That is why our mask is preferred by many athletes & construction workers who are doing vigorous physical activity. The valve on the outside of the mask works as a security gate when breathing. It closes when you breathe in and opens up when you exhale, this allows your hot air to escape quicker & keeps you cool.

For Construction and Home Improvement Projects

The E Tronic Edge respirator mask is designed for comfortable protection against non-toxic dust, pollen, mold, fumes, common airborne irritants and other non oil based particles.

It's used on many job sites to filter out dust and other particles that arise when working on a construction site. Can also be used for home improvement projects to filter out harmful particles in the air that arise from woodwork and paint application. It is perfect for renovation and demolition.

Then once you are done with that job, take the filter out of the mask and throw it in the washing machine. It will now be clean and feeling brand new for your next project.

Comfortable & Breathable Material

Made out of a soft and light cotton blend, our mask will not feel like anything else you've experienced. It forms to your face creating a seal around your mouth and nose without leaving marks or feeling uncomfortable after extended periods of time.

We chose a material that will say comfy and cool so that you can focus on getting the job done.

Either working in a dusty workplace or biking to work through the endless smog of a city center, our mask has you covered and protected.

The Mask That Cyclists Trust

With the increase in pollution over the last two decades, Cyclists have been turning to efficient carbon activated masks to filter out the horrible chemicals that are in the air we breathe.

Carbon monoxide can be very harmful even in small amounts when inhaled. Be sure to protect yourself using a comfortable and durable carbon mask that fellow cyclists use everyday!

Proven to work for the most dedicated cyclists.

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