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Will this work for my _______ ? Is a question we get asked a lot! Don't worry, our size dimensions are accurate and have tested our cell phone holder with everything from a Nokia flip phone to an iPhone 8 plus and every size in between; including every iPhone and Android model. Using our convenient compartments, you can store more than just your phone. You can also store you keys, cards, or even a small wallet in it's luxurious storage slot behind the phone compartment.


Will this fit my arm? Another question that we often get asked. The answer is YES. Using a flexible and durable strap, this armband is extremely versatile in it's ability to fit a wide range of arm sizes comfortably. If you need just a little bit more room, just send us a quick message and our USA based customer service team will send you a free arm strap extension. It also has a double stick feature on its strap that allows it to have double the amount of Velcro strength than others


Designed for the complete protection and safety of your device, this armband is up for any task. We created this phone holder to carry your smartphone while on the bike, on a run, or just out in the yard. Ensuring your Phone is completely safe from the elements. Nestled inside the felt material that makes up the inside of the arm band, your phone will stay securely in place. The protective outer shell of the armband is water resistant, keeping your smartphone, keys and cards always dry.


Our brand new design is made with your comfort in mind when you're working hard. Comes equipped with a breathable and light material where it makes contact with your skin.

The inside padding allows the armband to sit off your arm, this allows air to pass through in between your arm and armband. This keeps the armband cool and dry giving you a very comfortable workout.

Fits All Arms

The velcro strap has 2 points of contact. Making it easy for customers of all arm sizes to find a comfortable snug fit in seconds.

The breathable vented flaps in front of the strap make sure that the velcro does not come in contact with your arm and ensures a soft comfortable fit.

Water Resistant

The shell around the armband is very sleek and modern looking in its matte black finish soft case.

However, it gives you full protection against rain and sweat. As well as giving you drop-proof protection.

This armband is also preferred for travelling as it has extra storage for your wallet and cards, but still provides maximum protection.

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