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Tie head-bands are all the rave among those in the fitness and sports world right now, but we believe our headband is a cut above the rest. Offering unparalleled sweat wicking technology and extremely breathable fabric that screams "Quality". The best part? The fit is up to you! While on the go or standing still, tie the headband tighter or looser based on your preference. Since we've designed the headband with comfort in mind, you'll forget that your even wearing it!


Different from most Headbands you see on the market. Our Head Band doesn't just absorb the sweat from your head, it actually wicks it away for your skin so you can STAY DRY during the most intense of workouts. The material is also Anti-Microbial which means it stays cleaner longer and won't be broken down by oils or sweat. Why is this a big deal? Because we want to make products that you will enjoy for a long time! We stand by this claim with our Edge Guarantee.


Do you sweat in other places? ITS OK! Just untie it from your head and then retie it to whatever part of your body you want to be dry and comfortable!Worried about washing our head-band? Our tie-headband can be thrown in the wash on a cold or hot cycle as well as in the dryer on high heat. Nothing phases this thing!


Whether it's a birthday, Christmas or any other special event, make someone feel special with a gift that they could actually use. Also, you don't have to be a fitness junkie to use this product. What about just working in the yard or doing house work? The uses for this simple and comfortable piece of material are endless. Another great attribute of gifting a product like our tie headband is that you never have to worry about it fit, its universal!


The Edge guarantee allows you to purchase with ease knowing these 3 things: #1 A replacement is on the way if you feel the product you received is not as described. #2 You will be dealing with an English speaking customer service agent if you have any questions about your purchase. #3 You will be supporting a North American based brand that puts customers before sales. Find out why so many of our customers are telling their friends about E Tronic Edge!

Comfortable for Everyone

Our sleek & modern unisex design allows you to wear this headband anywhere. Having the adjustable tie back, this headband is a true "One Size Fits All" mold and will not lose it's shape or stretch out. Made from an extremely light material, the headband supports a soft, comfortable design while putting very little pressure on your head.

From kids to grown men, this headband will be comfortable for everyone. This is why so many customers choose this headband as a gift. There is never a question of whether it will fit or not

Machine Washable

After the headband has soaked up sweat, you can simply throw youe headband in the washer machine and can have it ready for your next event. Made from a brand new quick-drying fabric 100% Polyester blend, our headbands can be machine washed and air dried.

Wash it over a 100 times and never worry about the fabric weakening or the color fading!

Works with all Helmets

Our headband has been tested underneath a wide variety of helmets, including Cycling Helmets, Motorcycle Helmets, Football Helmets, Baseball Helmets and even Construction Helmets.

Providing a thin, but powerful headband, our headband will fit under any helmet with ease.

Can also be used as a cooling headband if you want to dip it in water before putting it on underneath your construction helmet.

Style Counts

Designed to be a hybrid of a regular sports headband and a headband that you can wear everyday. Feel free to tie the headband however you see fit.

Our product development team was focused on designing a headband that people would look good in while doing the most intense physical activity like cross-fit, to just using it to hold your hair up at the beach.

Great to wear outdoors as a cooling headband and it is a source of UV Protection on those hot days.

Stay Cool & Stop Sweat

Specifically Engineered to allow air flow through the Headband material, but to not allow moisture or sweat to go through it. This allows your head to always stay cool and dry.

The headband will wick and retain all the moisture inside the material and will keep the sweat from running down into your eyes.

This offers the best of both worlds, keeping your head not only dry and cool, but also stopping sweat so you can stay focused on your activity.

One Size Fits All

Since the headband can be tied at any length and comfort level, we can accurately confirm that this headband will work for adults, kids and teenagers.

Many other tie headbands are made with spandex material. After thoroughly testing, we found that the spandex would often cause the headband to loosen during intense activities causing you to stop and re-tie the headband. That is why we went with a brand new blend of Polyester is extremely comfortable, with extra sweat wicking fabric, but does not loosen when you are half way through your run or workout.

Get this headband and see why we are changing the game when it comes to the performance of tie headbands.

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