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Introducing the E Tronic Edge running belt, the first of its kind bringing comfort to your workout using a lightweight but yet durable material. Don't waste your time with other waist packs and their five or six different sizes that result in you sending the wrong size back and awaiting the replacement. Our new running belt is a one size fits all waist belt, providing a perfect fit for your body while you exercise effortlessly as if its not even there.

This waist pack has a reflective strip on the front and we have also included two easy snap on reflective bands to maximize your safety at night. Designed to fit all phones from 3" to 6". A small slot for your earphone cord allows you to listen to music while your phone stays secure in the pouch.

Made with the highest quality, soft neoprene fabric that is designed to flex, twist, bend, and will not stretch out of shape. The extremely light fabric is water resistant and sweat proof. Includes a small water bottle holster.

Etronic Fanny Pack


This Waist Pack is designed to fit all phones unlike many other ones you see on Amazon. A lot of the other Waist Packs with the slimmer belt style won't actually fit your phone properly. This Waist Pack was designed to fit all phones from 4.7" to 6" to allow you to comfortably bring your phone or iPod anywhere.


Our Cell Phone Waist Pack is made of the highest quality soft Neoprene that is made to FLEX, TWIST, And BEND But NOT STRETCH out of shape. The extremely light Fabric is water resistant and sweat proof so now you have no excuses to get out there and get exercising with your NEW Cell Phone Waist Pack. Many people use this Waist Pack as a Money Belt as well as it stays tight to your body and won't rip or tear to keep your belongings safe when travelling.

Etronic Fanny Pack


Comes with a holster that will fit most smaller water bottles to allow to bring a a drink for those long runs or workout. This has been one of the favorite features of our Waist Pack Fanny Pack, because most Waist Packs that have water bottle holsters are very large and bulky, where our Waist Pack is still small and sleek.

✚✚ Free Waist Pack extension strap available on request if needed. The regular strap will fit up to a 44" waist. ✚✚


If you enjoy RUNNING, WORKING OUT, HIKING, CYCLING, TRAINING, DOING OTHER SPORTS, then this Waistband is perfect for you. This Waist Pack differs from other ones you will see on Amazon by offering exceptional quality and comfort while giving you the best looking, light weight Waist Pack in the gym or where ever you may be seen. Buy this Waist Pack for yourself TODAY or as a gift for someone and you will NOT be disappointed in this workout gear !!

Etronic Fanny Pack


  • Not having the right size of pockets or pockets at all to fit your phone in?
  • Exercising at night and worried about not being seen by vehicles?
  • Worried about your phone coming into contact with water or getting scratched while you are engaging in physical activity or working outside?


  • SPACIOUS WATER RESISTANT ZIPPER POCKET - Enough room for your phone and personal belongings to fit comfortably in this Water Resistant Neoprene pouch.
  • DURABLE BREATHABLE MATERIAL - Minimize sweat build up and provide maximum comfort.
  • Reflective Strip- This reflective strip will provide you with the comfort of knowing you will be seen at night.
  • 40% LIGHTER - than most Waist Packs on the market today.
  • USE AS A TRAVELLING MONEY BELT - This Waist Pack can also be used as a Money Belt, because it is slim enough to sit tight to your body and hide under your shirt.
  • UNIVERSAL FIT - Our Waist Pack can fit almost every smartphone as well as almost every waist size and extensions are available if need be.


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