Welcome to the support page for our Wireless Ear-Pods.

Before pairing, you will need to make sure of a few things.

First: Make sure that your charging case is charged and also your ear pods are fully charged. While they are charging they will glow red inside the case, when charged the lights will go out.

Second: Make sure that Bluetooth is enabled and both HBQ-i8 devices are disconnected and forgotten.

Below is a quick video explaining how to connect your Ear pods to your device and u nderneath the video is a digital manual.


If you are having trouble pairing both earpods to your phone (only one works at a time), here is the solution.


1. Un-pair both ear pods and turn them both off. Press forget this device for both earpods. TURN OFF BLUETOOTH.

2. Turn both ear pods on by holding down the button until they both say power on. Now both ear pods will be flashing red and blue. (If one earpod is flashing red and blue and the other flashing blue, then you can move on to step 4)

3. While both are flashing red and blue, double press one of the earpods (either one) , and wait for the phrase "seam succesful". (Now one will flash blue and one will flash red and blue)

4. Now you can turn on bluetooth and connect to HBQ-i8. There should only be one to choose from. You will hear "connected" when complete.

Please contact us if you have further questions.

Wireless Earpod Manual

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